CAN I COMMISSION A PAINTING?   yes! please read more, here.


DO YOU MAKE WEDDING INVITATIONS? At this time, I am no longer offering wedding suites. 


WHAT ARE THE PRINT QUALITY & DETAILS ON YOUR ITEMS?  Most all prints, cards & other paper goods are digitally printed by local printers on #110 cover stock. 


HOW IS MY ARTWORK SHIPPED? you can find the answers, here


CAN I RETURN AN ITEM? under specific circumstances, yes. please read more, here


CAN I PURCHASE WHOLESALE?  I would be thrilled to display my artwork or sell my items in your shop! please contact me here, for wholesale inquiries. 


DO YOU TEACH WORKSHOPS OR CLASSES?  I would love to host a painting workshop for your team, group of friends or even your children! I recognize that we will have varied abilities and strengths and collaboratively, we will rise to the unique challenge. I am skilled in teaching those of all ages with differing abilities, including physical limitations or developmental delays. Fostering creativity for all people is central to my heart. Please inquire about holding a workshop, here!


DO YOU DONATE A PORTION OF PROCEEDS TO A REPUTABLE CAUSE? Certainly! At this time, 5% of proceeds go specifically towards purchasing learning materials for local Structured Learning Classrooms (Special Education Programs).